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 Devin Henderson

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Devin Henderson

What really sets corporate entertainer/keynote speaker Devin Henderson apart, is his ability to help people discover their own magic. His lessons are beneficial in business and in life. Devin?s keynote presentations are tricked out with magic, humor and audience involvement. His entertaining style makes his message stick in the minds of spectators long after he has disappeared from the stage. Devin travels from Kansas City where he lives with his amazing wife and three beautiful daughters. Though Devin excludes spiritual content from his corporate shows, he also offers programs designed specifically for faith-based organizations. In case you're interested, this is Devin's spiritual perspective... I believe the solution to our deepest emotional need is fellowship with God. I also believe God created each of us with a specific plan, and ultimate fulfillment is found in, first, discovering Him, second, accepting His fellowship, and third, living out His (customized) plan.My goal is striving to love people in a way that turns them to God, because I believe His love is what every person seeks. For more read Romans 10:9-10

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