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Though he cultivates his contrarian side, what is not up for debate are the audience reactions to this Ohio native. His instant likeability and dynamic presence belie his edgy and refreshingly original material. He speaks to every kind of audience, but never compromises his distinctive comedic "voice"-- which is why he is a hot commodity in clubs, colleges, theatres and corporate events worldwide. Born and raised in Dayton. Ohio, Saleem has much in common with the city's famous aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright. "Like the Wright Brothers, the minute I could, I flew out of Dayton too..." the comedian quips. "I rarely go back.... mainly because my family still lives there." But the sky's the limit for Saleem, and he?s well on his way to those heights. Regardless of where he performs Saleem's confident, clean and irreverent style places him firmly in the "Must see!" category of comedians today. Check him out!

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