Clean vs. Dirty

Clean vs. Dirty

Clever, original and well-written comedy routines will help you land a show that is "easy-on-the-ears" but still stimulating.

Agencies run by non-performers can successfully weed out the clueless comedians. But they have a harder time knowing when to program a moderately priced act, and knowing when he is not the right act to send. Audiences can span generations, tastes and education levels. So imagining what will satisfy a diverse audience, takes some thought by someone who understands laughter triggers.

As founder and creative director of KB Ent, I eat, sleep and breathe comedy. For instance, my experience tells me that for about 35% of the clients who ask for "clean comedy" (our most frequently sent show flavor) "clean" is not as essential to that client, as "smart" is!

"Clean but derivative" can be just as torturous as "Salty". Nobody wants to cringe from tastelessness. But neither do they want the show landing "in the Corn Field". The show must not offend, but it also must not seem out of date!

There are many uncreative comedy acts who satisfy content restrictions without difficulty. But your risk there is, how out-of-touch they seem. Conversely, the more-creative acts can playfully tease the boundaries, but without offending anyone. Both are legitimate strategies. The second offers more satisfaction to true comedy lovers. Also...

When an audience knows the comedian is creative and tasteful, it helps them to relax into the show. This preference for "smart" over 'family-friendly' is increasing. In general, groups want talented performers who:

  • value being pleasant (even when edgy),
  • know how to command focus, and...
  • can get the audience to trust their guided emotional journey.

In 30+ years, we've witnessed tasteless comedy shows with no dirty words, as well as comedians who brought an edge but stayed 'pitch perfect'. The factor that led to audience joy was not the clean/dirty issue as much as the smart/lazy issue.

Our performers are funny, of course. But they also satify our MOST standard: Modern, Original, Seasoned, and Tasteful.

Look at the picture attached to this blog. Tell us if it's offensive or funny. Your 'take' will help us clarify your programming strategy.

A famous comedian said: "If it's dirty, it's not funny. If it's funny, it's not dirty". Yeah...that sounds about right to us. So, reach out. We offer G-rated shows that are more fashionable, PG shows that are adult-centric, and light R-shows with real brains.

Our comedian booking agency can help and make your task so much easier.