How One's Age Affects One's Comedy Experience

How One's Age Affects One's Comedy Experience

Comedy’s success is greatly affected by the age of the listener, because comedy requires specificity. For example:

To say that your colonoscopy involved “a large invasive object”, is cringey. But to say that the doctor “placed the Chrysler building inside you”, is funny. And if you know the pointy design of the Chrysler building, and have also had that medical procedure, it becomes funny on three levels…to baby-boomers. But how many (non-architect) 20-somethings have had that procedure and can evoke the image of the Chrysler building?

Conversely, saying that “Tiger Woods’ just hired on a new life coach, and it's R. Kelly” may go over the heads of those ‘boomers’ (especially the white ones) but has a better chance to hitting the mark with a room full of Gen Y’s.

Sometimes a young programmer gets to decide what comedy older folks will be treated to. Sometimes older folks decide on (and reliably ignore) the entertainment needs of the group’s youngest members. To ignore one generation simply because one isn't in that same bracket, is to miss an opportunity to cover everyone's needs. Even in "55 and over" communities, the need for an update from "Korea" to "Vietnam" has become imperative. We can help you keep your event programming on track. Just a few quick questions will inform us as to how we can help. Hope you’ll reach out to us.

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