Fame and Comedy Talent: Do They Go Hand In Hand?

Fame and Comedy Talent: Do They Go Hand In Hand?

Even as a kid I was interested in unknown comedians who did superior work. Back then, the unknown comedian was Jay Leno. In the 80s, the lsit was Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano and Brian Regan. In the early 2000s it was John Mulaney. Seeing Jerry Seinfeld before he became unaffordable was seeing him at his purist.

But talent isn't as strong a predictor of fame as is, ambition. Several top-notch comedians make lifestyle choices over fame consideration. These comedians are not household names, but they are deeply respected by their famous colleagues. THOSE talented people not seeking fame are KBEs core performers. Why? They give the best onstage value. For instance...

There’s a great comedian who is on both Jay Leno's and Jerry Seinfeld's short lists of comedians they respect and admire. But for many years, his goal was to stay close to Virginia. So he said "thanks, but no thanks" to Hollywood.

One of the midwest's greatest comedy talents is famous (among comedians) for being a present and engaged dad and for ignoring the lure of the road.

The reasons are varied. I avoid the fame machinery because truly original stand-up comedy can no longer be developed once one is famous.

And I'll always choose a 200 seat venue over an 800 seat one; the shows are more rewarding and with (max) 200 seats, afterwards, I get to shake everyone's hand.

Because of the demand for live comedy, some really top-notch comedians are able to say no to LA. At KB Ent, we value those artists who choose a genuine life over the Hollywood echo-chamber. They are usually more professional onstage and off.

If your group would like to be entertained by a seasoned comedian accustomed to your event needs, rather than be shocked by a self-indulgent performer who sees your group as a chore on their path to fame, reach out and discover what it's like to hire a likable artist who is also a great value. We are chomping at the bit to help make that happen.

Contact us at KB Entertainment. Our comedian booking agency will find the perfect comedian for your audience and for your event type.