Dana Daniels

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Dana Daniels

The first magician to win "Comedy Magician of the year" from the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle. He's a powerhouse as entertainer and motivator!

As a professional speaker and an award-winning entertainer for over 25 years, Dana KNOWS HIS AUDIENCE. He appeals to a wide range of audiences from fortune 500 companies to smaller intimate after dinner gatherings.

Dana will motivate, inspire and lead your audience to a higher level of excellence and productivity. Whether it be your personalized message or Dana's expertise on STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, Dana provides a truly sensational and outstanding event!

Corporations such as McDonald's and Lincoln Financial both have had Dana Daniels perform all over the country for their top sales people, management and store owners.

Dana keeps the laughs going at a speedy clip using his trusty side kick Luigi, the psychic parrot. With Dana as the comedian, and Luigi, as the straight bird, the duo is perfect to deliver your keynote message while performing off-the-wall magic blended with rapid-fire clean comedy

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