Keith Barany

PG-Adult Light R Motivational Programs

Keith Barany

Keith spends most of his time restoring people's beliefs that tasteful comedy exists and can be had at very reasonable prices.

He is here to advise you (because video is only the iceberg's tip) and to champion your search for a great deal on an hilarious comedy show

30+ years in comedy. 20+ years owning this agency.

Wrote for "Seinfeld", "The Emmys", "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

The NY Post called him "The wittiest comedian working in the US"

Plays exclusively to private communities (employee holiday parties, professional conferences, churches, synagogues, lodges, private-clubs).

Happy to send you someone he admires from our agency's rolls. A brief chat about your needs, goals and concerns will help him serve you best.

"When a KB Ent comedian is a better fit for a group, than I am, I'm the first to say so" -K. Barany

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