Mike Toomey

G-Disney PG PG-Adult Light R

Mike Toomey

"Best of the fest"-Aspen Comedy Festival.

"One of the funniest & most talented performers to ever work in Chicago"-Chicago Tribune

Mike Toomey is a master comedian who also offers a 2nd program taking you on a journey back into 60's and 70's TV Land.

In that show, Mike relates how his childhood television watching has shaped his adult life, while sharing his unique observations about his favorite programs and their characters. This multimedia presentation features over 300 slides and sound bytes plus Mike's dead-on impersonations of your favorite TV celebrities. TV&ME is a must see for all members of the TV generation.

But MIke also lends his substantial talents, keen comedy eye and remarkable impression abilities to a staight comedy show which he does at corporate events, far and wide. He's good for all audiences and all situations.

Mike has finally achieved icon status as the daily comic relief on the (Superstation) WGN's news. H's so good in his segments that he makes even the news...watchable.

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