Ross Bennett

PG-Adult Light R

Ross Bennett

MacArthur attended West Point, became a hero. Eisenhower went there, became President. Ross dropped out of West point and became a comedian.

Ross bennett is a favorite at the legendary "Friar's Club" in New York. His takes on topics ranging from Wal-Mart to having a veteran for a dad, keeps them laughing on cruise ships. But he's funny on land too. That's why he's often booked to appear on TV and at HR-relaxed corporate events.

His show will leave your sides splitting with laughter. The mid-70's were a different era. West Point was admitting a different kind of cadet. It was not much later that Ross dropped out of West Point and landed right square in the middle of the comedy explosion that was taking America by storm.

Armed with an expressive delivery and real life topics; grade school snow days, disastrous golf games, catastrophic water skiing outings and middle age medical procedures, Ross is hilarious on every theme.

Ross Bennett is a high-powered performer who takes his act to the audience and comes back with a victory every-time! A MUST-SEE for every comedy Connoisseur.

"The kind of comedian that Boomers and Gen-Ys can love, together!" -Keith Barany

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