Scott Blakeman

G-Disney PG PG-Adult

Scott Blakeman

Scott was an early mentor to comedian and agency owner Keith Barany. So there will always be a dear and special place in our hearts for Scott. Apparently, comedy great, Robert Klein shares our opinion as he often takes Scott to shows to open for him.

Scott has 2 areas of expertise. He is a left leaning political satirist-booked regularly on TV to add funny commentary to the DC freakshow.

But Scott is also a 6 carat diamond choice for professionals and event chairs programming a comedy show for either a cultural event or a fundraiser. 

This agency has many temple-specialists. But Scott (and his classic talmudic sing-song delivery) is only 1 of 2 such KBE specialists with the potential (on any given night) to match (and even excel beyond) Keith's powerful "Tribe comedy" show.

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